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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Mediation Services

A Simple Solution to Challenging Issues

Avoid litigation when you can. Real Estate Mediation is faster, less expensive, more private, and more personal. With real estate mediation, you can negotiate what you want, and hold fast on everything else. You are in charge, and we are here to help. In your California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions, mediation is allowed, and we are the firm that can handle it for you. Bring you concerns to our office and let us assist all parties in a mutually agreed resolution that clears obstacles and allows you to move forward with your original goal of buying or selling a home. Real Estate Mediation is an easy solution for difficult problems.

Listing & Purchase Agreements

Guiding You through an Important Process

Representing For Sale By Owner clients, Buyers, Sellers, and Brokerages, in Residential Purchase Agreements, Listing Agreements, and Escrow Instructions, THE LAW OFFICE has the experience to guide you through the multitude of concerns in Real Estate transactions. Facilitating a mutually beneficial contract, or a resolution to a problem, we have the experience that matters.

Title & Deed Issues

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Title to property determines ownership, transferability, refinancing, estate planning issues, and more. We help navigate the legal issues when resolving title concerns including: Liens, Lis Pendens’, Title Recording, Grant Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Quiet Title actions, Incorrect Transfers, Property Tax issues, Heggstad Motions, Prop 13 (Property tax limitations), Prop 58 (Parent to Child transfers), and Prop 193 (Grandparent to Grandchild transfers) issues. Clearing up any Cloud on Title and establishing rightful ownership, protect your rights and your property.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Clarifying Your Options

Representing both landlords and tenants in their various concerns, we have the experience to address your issues and clarify your options. Establishing a mutual agreement between the parties can be best, but when eviction or canceling a lease is the option, we can handle that too, and seek the most efficient process possible. We handle Unlawful Detainers (evictions), property repairs, late rent payments, rent control issues, and more. Bring us your concern, as either a landlord or a tenant, and let us help you achieve the appropriate remedy.

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