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Helping You Help Others

Conservatorships facilitate the protection and control for a loved one in need. When age, injury, health concerns, and other issues combine and limit ones ability to provide for their personal needs, physical health, food, shelter, clothing, and more, a Conservatorship of the Person can be granted by the Court to a qualified individual.

Additionally, if one cannot manage financial resources, or resist fraud, a Conservatorship of the Estate can be attained. Frequently, a Conservator can gain both at the same time. Conservatorships also are granted for the developmentally disabled and missing persons, and here at THE LAW OFFICE we are here to help facilitate whatever course of action is best for you and the ones you care about.

Professional Probate Administration

Respectful Counsel in Difficult Times

After the passing of a family member, their estate and assets need to be gathered, managed, and distributed to the beneficiaries dictated in the decedent’s will, if they have one, and dictated by law if they do not.

Probate administration facilitates this process as it entails collecting the assets of the estate, paying any debts that the decedent may have, and distributing the assets to the rightful recipients. Our Probate Administration services ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

At THE LAW OFFICE we are experienced and knowledgeable on all matters relating to probate administration. We assist our clients in the handling of all the necessary documentations, notices, naming of a representative, filing requirements, hearings, and final rulings to finalize estate matters.

At THE LAW OFFICE, we work to ensure that unnecessary delays are avoided so that the estate is dealt with as swiftly and effectively as possible. Dealing with the passing of a family member is a difficult and challenging experience. Our lawyers at THE LAW OFFICE work to make the process a bit easier by ensuring that our clients are well-informed and equipped with the best legal counsel possible.

Professional Trust Administration

Protecting Your Legacy

We understand the honorable duty in following and protecting the established wishes a loved one clarifies in their Trust. This includes real property transfers, savings account and investment disbursements, financial incentives and timelines, along with desired transfers, changes, and creation of new accounts in trust. The events occurring in administration of a Trust are as varied as the multitude of options available when making a trust.

We assist the Trustee with their duties and clarify their responsibilities. A designated Trustee can be required to manage Trust assets for many years, and the legal issues regarding accountability, taxation, income, and more require prudent oversight and diligent attention. Here at THE LAW OFFICE our experience and guidance will lead the way and help you as a Trustee, or a Beneficiary, understand your duties, your opportunities, and your rights.

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