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What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to take care of your family if you are not here? How do you want your property disbursed? And, in the event medical situations arise where you cannot share your thoughts, who do you want to speak for you, and what do you want them to say? These are real issues, that have real solutions provided through proper estate planning.

Effective, compassionate, and thoughtful Estate Planning addresses your personal concerns and goals. Estate Planning is for everyone, both young and old. Although with age these considerations become more evident, anyone at any age can fall victim to illness or accident, and it is important to have your wishes in writing.

While some might think of estate planning as only necessary for those with larger fortunes or wealth, estate planning is actually beneficial for everyone. Estate planning details specific instructions for an individual, or a couple, that considers the disbursement of property, the directives for child care, the allocation of money, incentives or limitations for disbursements, tax concerns, and more. And, most importantly, your loved ones will AVOID THE PROBATE PROCESS.

Additionally, your end-of-life medical decisions are made in advance, by you, so that your loved ones will not have to make difficult decisions for you. All they will be asked to do is follow YOUR decision that YOU already made. This is a very comforting and compassionate act by you, to protect them.

By creating a proper estate plan including such entities as a Will, a Living Trust, and Advance Medical Directives, you can rest assured that your wishes are documented. Estate planning should not be a complicated process and can consider all aspects of your life, estate, and family. THE LAW OFFICE believes that our clients are family, and we extend the same care and concern that we show our own family when helping our clients. Come and see what our experience of practice in Estate Planning can do for you. We keep it simple, and address what matters to you.

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