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Business Services

Business Services

Protecting the Business of Business

THE LAW OFFICE provides an abundance of services that are critical to the success of a business, regardless of its size or nature. Armed with knowledge and experience, our business-focused lawyers at THE LAW OFFICE assist clients through all aspects of business dealings, including employment concerns, contract issues, intellectual property (i.e. name selection and trademarking) financing, fundraising, mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning. Buying a business, or selling a business, we can handle the negotiations, the agreements, compliance issues, and more. Partnerships, LLC’s, Corporations, and other entities, all benefit from the forethought and subsequent advocacy that we provide. Bring your business to us and let us help you make informed decisions to craft a successful plan and protect your successful result.

THE LAW OFFICE works with you to help you reach your business goals and protect your hard-earned business assets. We look to create solutions directed at obtaining your ultimate success. We strongly believe that every business owner is unique and every business is deserving of counsel that supports growth, stability, and prosperity. When business issues arise, The Law Office is ready to serve, and is armed with experience and knowledge that combine to provide counsel that is as unique and successful as the clients we serve.

Professional Business Formation

The Start of Your Empire

Creating a business from the ground up is the American way, and although it is exciting it can also be a challenge. There are many issues that will arise during the process of forming a business entity and they require effective and efficient consideration to avoid the possibility of any adverse legal, financial, and tax ramifications.

Deciding on the structure of the organization – will it be a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Joint Venture, Non-Profit, Partnership, S corporation, or other option, is one of the first considerations. The legal, financial, and contractual issues that are associated with the selected entity may be unknown to an emerging business owner and can be difficult to understand and navigate. Likewise, translating your vision and ideas into reality can be overwhelming when you are not sure about the process. We provide experienced advice and information so you can make an informed decision.

THE LAW OFFICE is here to help facilitate the progression of your business from concept to reality, to success. By fostering ongoing working relationships with our clients, THE LAW OFFICE develops a unique understanding of their needs and is able to provide tailored and effective advice for a multitude of business formation related issues.

THE LAW OFFICE works to protect the best interests of our clients. We are proactive, aiding our clients before, during, and after the process, to ensure that informed business decisions are made, and successful businesses can thrive.

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