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Through more than 50 years practicing law, Sidney Mendlovitz has created a legacy of success and satisfied clients in multiple areas of civil practice. His results in Real Estate issues, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, and the multitude of concerns facing local businesses have established Sidney Mendlovitz as the reliable ally to turn to in the Long Beach, Lakewood, and surrounding communities.

Families, businesses, and working professionals, have turned to him time and time again, trusting his calm, effective, and fair approach to their concerns. He has earned the trust and appreciation of countless clients over the years, one referral at a time.

There is no substitute for experience, and his is unparalleled.



First practicing alongside Sidney Mendlovitz, Michael then joined this Lakewood law firm as a partner, and considers himself very blessed to work in the company of such unparalleled experience and client success.

Michael focuses on Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business Concerns, Personal Injury, and general Civil Litigation in a multitude of areas.

Michael’s background as a Realtor and licensed California Contractor benefits him when helping clients in all Real Estate issues, including listings and purchase agreements, along with litigation proceedings, representing sellers, buyers, and brokerages. Michael is also a former Police Officer and a Professor at the local community college teaching law and justice.


At The Law Office we look forward to assisting you with our client-focused approach and proven record of successful resolutions.

What is Important to You, Is Important to Us.  

We are here to help you and your family.  We are a full-service general practice law firm.  We handle everything from Real Estate Law, Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts), Litigation, Personal Injury, Contracts, Business Formation, and Employment Law.  We have been at this location for over TWENTY FIVE YEARS.  Call us First!


Leading the way with over FIVE DECADES of practicing law in Los Angeles and Orange County, SIDNEY MENDLOVITZ continues to provide the wisdom and counsel that only comes from experience — There is no substitute.


With thousands of satisfied and loyal clients over the years, SIDNEY MENDLOVITZ continues his graceful, humble, and friendly practice.  And, to the constant chagrin of any adversary, he remains a staunch advocate of the law, its power, and its purpose. A true patriot, from the old guard, with an understanding of the duty of a lawyer, the function of the court, and the awesome power of American law.  We all benefit from his presence, his patience, and his practice.


MICHAEL FOSTER and SIDNEY MENDLOVITZ met nearly FIFTEEN YEARS ago.  As fate would have it, the two of them would re-connect.  Michael began studying law in 2007, became a paralegal in 2008, then eventually became an attorney in 2013. Not long after, Sidney and Michael crossed paths again, and soon thereafter Sidney offered Michael to join him as a partner in the practice of law.  The law office of “MENDLOVITZ||FOSTER, Lawyers” began.

More than FIVE YEARS have passed since Michael joined forces with Sidney, and as grateful as ever, together they remain focused on client success and the honorable practice of law.  In 2021, they took their partnership, their joint experiences, and their vision of success for the future, and for their clients, to the next level.


The Future…is Now:


            With their established partnership more than five years strong, and the continued growth of the office, SIDNEY MENDLOVITZ and MICHAEL FOSTER envisioned a new identity that would grow with them, their partnership, and their continued goal of client success:  THE LAW OFFICE.


THE LAW OFFICE is here, as it always has been, and always will be.

A New Name. A New Look. A New Era. 


The name is NEW.  The energy is NEW. The office is NEW.



Committed to the ethical practice of law while providing quality service to their clients, this local Lakewood Law Firm continues to embrace the communities of Los Angeles and Orange County, and is ready to go another FIFTY YEARS.

Come meet us at THE LAW OFFICE, and see how we earned our way here, one client at a time.

The Law Office

What is Important to You, is Important to Us